Battery sizes increase more than often

A huge number of customers are opting for electric vehicles and the numbers are increasing every year. So, if you want to buy an electric vehicle or you already have a vehicle, you need to know how can you charge the vehicle at home in a proper manner. You must know complete details about the process from the very beginning to the end, this is why we have made this guide. It will make the whole process straightforward.

The first question you may have in mind is whether all the chargers are the same. You can use a slower charger provides with the car or you can have a wall box installed. The slower charger used a standard 3-pin plug and take power from the domestic supply, and it’s portable and quite simple to use. But, as the battery sizes increase more than often, they can take more than 24 hours to charge completely, this is why manufacturers say that they are for emergency use only.

The better option, especially if you travel more and need to charge often, is to use the wall box charger. You can install it in a garage or on the side of your house. It can deliver faster charging times, and it is safe and reliable. Furthermore, it is very easy to use and you won’t have to lay cables to use it. It is mounted to the external wall of the house and enables you to easily and quickly plug the car in to charge.

Another question to answer is how much it cost to install the electric vehicle home charger. The cost depends on what charging speed you want and what smart features are you looking for from your charger. You can get a 3kW slow charger for less money, but a 7kW fast charger can cost you more than double. Smart units that come with features like controlling the charger via a smartphone app cost even more. Some manufacturers offer a free wall box and fitting when you get an electric vehicle from them. So, you should do your research and see what offers are there.