Buyers are shifting to electric vehicles

Volvo has offered quite a few plug-in hybrid vehicles in recent years, and the XC60 T6 Recharge is one of them. The company provides one PHEV option in every model line and sometimes more than one. So, it’s in a good place to do well in the market in the coming years as compared to its competitors, as more and more buyers are shifting to electric vehicles.

We think this strategy from the company is already working, as when it comes to its sales in the UK, the last year was the best so far. So, when your strategy is working, why not introduce more vehicles, we are sure this is what the company must have thought before introducing this model.

If we talk about the brand’s mid-sized family, the XC60, there are three plug-in hybrid versions. All the versions use the same 11.kWh battery and the same 85bhp, 174lb-ft primary electric motor. The battery is placed under the transmission tunnel and the motor is packaged under the boot floor. However there is a difference, as compared to highly tuned engines of the T8 and Polestar Engineers versions, the T6 version has a simple turbocharged 2.0-liter motor. The motor is connected to the front wheels and provides drive to the car, when the drive battery is depleted or when it’s running in the hybrid model.

The model we are talking about today is cheaper than the other two versions, although many would not consider its price to be cheaper. It costs relatively more than the XC60 mild-hybrid petrol or diesel and it also costs more than some of its rivals from BMW and Land Rover.

The vehicle looks good and it’s easy to drives as well as spacious. It’s good to travel in, the interior is quite good, and its build quality is good too. The digital instruments and portrait-oriented infotainment system are very easy to use and there are not many technicalities involved.

The Sensus Connect touchscreen set-up from the company doesn’t come with mirroring as standard, and it doesn’t work like many other touchscreen systems that you might have used. So, you will require some time to get comfortable with it. It will take some time, but you will get there soon, and when you do any system adjustment or deactivation would seem fairly simple.

Now to the big question, will the customers buy this vehicle? Well, in our view, many will, even though the price is a bit higher. It’s an appealing vehicle, offer great features, and it’s good to drive.