Specifications made by the design teams

The limited-edition vehicle from Bentley has entered the test program phase. The Mulliner Bacalar will also be tested for durability as well as the 200mph+ top speed. Only twelve models of the highly-priced vehicle will be manufactured and the limited-run direction will begin next year.

The vehicle allows the British car maker’s coachbuilding division to enter a new era. It intends to introduce an ultra-exclusive model every two years. Only 12 units will be made and they have already been named to the company’s loyal customers.

The vehicle has a two-seat design inspired by the EXP 100 GT concept. The concept was revealed for the brand’s centenary last year and the two cars are begin designed side by side.

Another strong similarity is the dramatic rear end. The vehicle was revealed in March, but now, the company has revealed six specifications made by the design teams, which show the possibilities available for the vehicle.

Maria Mulder, the company’s head of color and trip said that the six specifications are created by the design team, with each carrying its own purpose and personality. But, they do have one thing in common and that’s only this vehicle can attend to a high level of attention and personalization to detail. JP Gregory, the head of exterior design, talked more boldly about the design. The future of luxury mobility has inspired the character of the vehicle, he added. You will see a flow between the exterior and interior.

We asked Stefan Sielaff, the design director, a few questions. Our first question was why they choose this body style for their first modern coach-built Mulliner. Then we asked him, what they intend to carry over to series production. He said they want a reduction in the body and don’t want many details on the exterior. We also asked him, if the expectations of their young buyers are different from the traditional buyers. He told us that young buyers have a different mindset.